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Home » Fun Games » is an exciting free online multiplayer .io game that involves base defense and power generation. In order to snag a win in this action-borne title, you need to grow power and protect your base with the use of turrets and walls. With a 2D strategy based gameplay, this cool game makes use of map indicators to put you up against a slew of multiple opponents that are ready to pounce on you.


Since is a witty strategy game, you need to showcase your sharp acumen and heady abilities to score big. The game provides you with a limited amount of area to build and develop a troop highlighted by a dashed circle. You can use this space to construct 7 types of buildings and upgrade them by using money from the power. It’s great fun using the power generated to build structures like walls, generators, houses, turrets, snipers, barracks and armories to gain an edge over your opponents. Make sure you’ve got a hefty amount of generator backup to fund your precious buildings.

How To Play?

In order to play, Use your mouse to move the character and WASD or arrow keys on your keyboard to move the camera. You can place or remove all buildings through left clicking and navigate the camera using the WASD or arrow keys. Use the R key to reset your camera back to your base view.


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