Nice Looking Gaming Computer Desks Available in 2019

Written by Suhail Ajmal | Published on January 02, 2019

Are you looking for the best gaming desk to create an awe-inspiring game setup? Well, you have a range of exciting gaming desks in the market that offer convenience, comfort, and many storage options. When we were kids, we wished to have one of these but unfortunately, we did not have any choice then but you do. The question is how to choose the best desk for gaming? What are the things to look for when purchasing your personalized computer gaming desk? It is surely challenging to pick the right table from a wide range of brands available in the market. However, fret not; we got you covered with our roundup of the best gaming desks for 2019.

We have also written a gaming desk-buying guide to help you pick a good desk meeting your specific game needs. We would also recommend you go through the guide first to understand what exactly a game table is and the basics involved in purchasing the most appropriate one for yourself.

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Editor’s Pick

Although this list of desk includes good options like Z-Line and EvoDesk standing Desk, nothing impressed us more than the Bestar Hampton. This snazzy table is built to meet the unique needs of different gamers. The ergonomic friendly table features height adjustment allowing you to customize your space and organize your things for a truly great and memorable game experience. Highly recommended!

Top 5 Desks For Gaming

Here are Dimble’s recommendations for the best PC gaming desks.

ApexDesk Elite Series is definitely the best gaming desk any game enthusiast would want to have in their home. It offers great convenience, lots of space and the flexibility to adjust the height to meet your specific game requirements. It comes with a built-in electronic option for customizing the desk allowing you to enjoy a seamless game session. Slightly expensive at $630, this game table includes Dual motors with 225-lb capacity, enhanced stability through a one-piece fixed steel beam, and an ergonomic friendly work surface. The table setup is effortless and hardly takes about 60 minutes on average for most gamers. You can even set it up in 45 minutes if you are quick and attentive. With ergonomic slots and compartments to hold your peripherals, the ApexDesk is necessary for health-conscious gamers looking for a more comfortable game environment. It also includes lots of holders and dedicated cable conduits to keep the clutter away. The rubber grips make sure that you can move the desk around without getting any scratches on your hardwood flooring. You can also use the memory controller in the desk to lock your desired positions at the game table.

The top is made of MDF with scratch-resistant laminate. Its beveled edges give the top a sophisticated and streamlined look.

Dimble’s Review

We recommend ApexDesk Elite for gamers with heavy pockets. It is both aesthetically pleasing and portable, thanks to the rubber grips at the bottom. We found this very ergonomic-friendly allowing looking at the display at an angle that does not hurt your neck and strain your muscles. You would feel comfortable during a long game session. Though expensive, the impressive features definitely make it worth every dime.


  • Available Measurements: 1″x 71″x 33″
  • Width: 71″
  • Depth: 29″
  • Height: Adjustable- from 29″ to 48″
  • Weight: 160 lbs.


  • Cool design that is great for playing while sitting or standing
  • It comes equipped with two dedicated cable conduits to reduce clutter and tangled wires
  • The setup is easy requiring only fifteen minutes to assemble
  • It has a built-in electronic height adjust feature
  • The design includes Rubber bottom grips so the hardwood stays scratch-less
  • Ergonomic features ensure minimal stress and fatigue


  • The construction material used for the surface should be more durable

First up on our list is the exquisite, Bestar Hampton, which can be truly classified as the number-1 gaming desk around. This L-shaped game table is made of granite-style variants with a timber option as well. Very spacious, this has an aesthetically pleasing design featuring multiple shelves and a cabinet. A great corner desk for your game-playing spree, the Bestar Hampton exudes style and functional efficiency. The PVC coated work surface boasting deluxe 0.25 mm edge helps improve its shock resistance while the ball bearings that make up the keyboard tray add to flexibility in re-tractability. The table includes a monitor shelf along with an open & close storage. It is available in multiple colors including brown, sand granite & charcoal finish. It offers loads of surface to keep all your tech gadgets and game accessories.

Dimble’s Review

We found the Bestar Hampton Desk to be stylish and functionally competent. This table also works well for other purposes like office work and studies. The table offers a lot of surface for keeping your accessories and displays organized and well managed. The 10-year warranty offer means you can have it repaired anytime within this period. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer, this desk is best for a private game zone with no hurdles.


  • Width: 70.10″
  • Height: 35.40″
  • Depth: 70.10″
  • Weight 175.00 lbs


  • Excellent Game Table with a 10-year warranty
  • It supports a compact design that has been crafted to enhance your workspace
  • The design efficiency allows you to keep your things organized.


  • Slightly Expensive compared to the Z-Lune Belaire

Buying Guide / Tips

What is a Gaming Desk?

A game table like a standard writing table you notice in schools, homes or offices is a specially designed table for avid gamers where they can keep their electronic appliances and game accessories. Some of them include special compartments and add-ons to hold your game cases and drinks along with cable conduits to avoid tangled wires or cables. Moreover, the desk allows you easy access to your IT essentials like the mouse and keyboard. A top quality desk for gaming facilitates an immersive environment to uplift your gamification. Without a game table, you are sure to be bothered by the distractions around the living room or by limited flexibility while playing on a console. The best computer gaming desk provides you with your own dedicated space so you can concentrate and enjoy a seamless game playing session.


Before we head over to the vital factors that you need to consider before buying the A-1 gaming desk, let me clear the different types of gaming desks you will most probably encounter in the market. Some of them include Multi-Tiered Desks, Standing Desks, L-Shaped or Corner Desks and so on. Let us talk about each in detail.

Standing Desks

We would recommend using these however peculiar they might seem good gaming desk. The fact is they are more effective because you can easily adjust their height while standing for a more thrilling experience. Imagine playing ‘PUBG’ while sitting and using a standing table instead! The latter may not sound more fascinating but it is great fun with the adrenaline pumping action sequences and the juices flowing while you are standing and playing. These game tables are built using robust materials so you can lean against them or adjust the height to eventually sit.

Multi-Tiered Desks

A multi-tiered game table is accompanied by a designated monitor stand. You will find these types of desks, most appropriate for playing in immersive environments. When you have a more technical setup like a ’32-core tech’ for your game zone, consider buying a good quality multi-tiered table. This gaming PC desk allows you to place your computer accessories, especially the tower casing and keyboard. A handy choice for best gaming computer desk, this is designed to facilitate ventilation and is very ergonomic as well.

Standard Desks

Another good option for the best desk for gaming is the standard desk. It is the conventional ‘writing table’ design, which sports a rectangular shape. Go for this desk specially crafted to offer high weight capabilities, ergonomic features, and adjustable height. It comes with a lot of surface space on the top allowing you to keep your all game accessories, snacks & drinks, keyboard, and other necessary equipment.

L-Shaped Desks

Also called corner desks, you can place them alongside cornered sections of an area. This table option comes equipped with a spacious top to place your computer and gaming gadgets. If you are looking for more space and peace of mind for your gamification, go for an L-shaped table. Although these tables do not contain certain features found in other popular table types, like cable conduits, they are certainly viable for placing multiple monitors.

What To Look For In The Best Gaming Desk

Purchasing the best desk for gaming can be daunting, especially with a plethora of brands out there each with their own set of features. It is, however, important that you have a simple understanding of the features you want in your table. Generally, a good game table has different sections like speaker holders and drinks holders for convenience but you must also consider aspects like ergonomics, brand reliability, total table space in square inches, material quality, warranty period, weight capacity, and overall design.

I will explain these essential factors in detail below to give you a clear understanding, so you can pick the greatest gaming desk, matching your requirements.

Weight Capacity

This is an important consideration when choosing your gaming desk. Your table should ideally be able to support the weight or load of the different gadgets and equipment you plan on placing. These could be your tower case/desktop, keyboard, dual monitors, drinks, and cables. When it comes to a heavy tech setup, the weight capacity becomes even more significant. We would suggest you check the specific weight capability of your chosen table before divvying up any bucks. Most desks for gaming in the market today offer good load capacity, which reflects through the overall construction quality and design aspects like high-density glass tops and use of steel, timber or aluminum for durability.

Cable Networks

With gaming, you get to encounter loads of cables and wires including connecting cables, Ethernet gaming cable - patch cords, crossover cables - and not to mention the wiring that comes attached with computer and gaming accessories. Yeah, you read right! Cables and Wires! Therefore, you need the desk that comes built with support for wires and cable conduits. The more cable conduits & USB plug-in support your game table has, the better. It will help keep your wires organized and tangle free. You do not have to worry about meshed up cables that tend to hamper gaming sessions.

Special Add-Ons

If you are spending precious money on the best gaming desk, then make sure it has ample compartments or holders for speakers, and tiny accessories especially your drinks! The popular brands today focus on aesthetics and overall table design for gamers. This is largely reflected through the presence of special add-ons like drink holders, game case racks, and Bluetooth speaker holders. Gladly, with these drink holders, you do not run the risk of spilling over your soda or coffee on your keyboard while you are busy shooting at your opponent in a fiery multiplayer session.


As you will be using your best gaming desk quite a lot, it must have ergonomic features like a retractable keyboard tray and designated sections to ensure your health & safety, especially concerning extended use. A multi-tiered game table, as we highlighted earlier, gives you the flexibility to benefit from the flat surface, so you can place your hands and rest your elbows atop it comfortably. The positioning of displays in this flat surface ensures your neck is angled at a safe point to avoid any health concerns. We would recommend you also adjust your monitor and gaming chair during play and position your neck such that you look between a 90- and 105-degree angle. Look for ergonomics when buying your game table to avoid stress, fatigue, and any negative health implications.

Designated Monitor Displays

Most game tables come equipped with separate sections to keep your different gaming accessories. Such game desks are designed to feature a designated monitor display stand and a dedicated mouse and keyboard section. These are also considered ergonomic-friendly allowing you to look at the monitor at an angle that does not hurt your neck or sprain your muscles.

Benefits Of Gaming Desks

Benefits Of Gaming Table

Gaming desks are designed to offer comfort and stress-free experiences. The latest models provide greater surface for storage, dedicated displays, and minimal clutter. You should select any of the best gaming desks we have discussed for a private, more personal gaming zone.

Contrary to conventional tables, gaming tables offer a dedicated area for computer accessories and game equipment. Additionally, these are accessible in AVS plastic, glass, wood and steel for added durability and weight capacity. If you are looking for good storage options, a large display area, and a high load capacity, we recommend opting for a glass or AVS desk. These are reliable, aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.

As mentioned earlier, these desks are designed to include special add-ons like holders for drinks and tech accessories. This is probably what distinguishes a game table from a standard desk. Whether you are busy in a Fortnite session with your friends or a Call of Duty gaming spree at night, you do not have to fuss over spilled fluids.


Who makes the best gaming desk?

The best sellers include Sauder August with their Hill Desk, Prepac’s Wall Mounted Desk, Z-lines Belaire, Evodesk, Bestar Hampton tables, and ApexDesk elite series amongst others.

How high should a game table be?

There is no ideal height for a game table as it depends on how comfortable you are while sitting at your desk. Ideally, you should feel comfortable sitting with your feet placed flat on the ground. You could also use an online ergonomic calculator to find out the best height for your specific desk.

How big should a pc gaming desk be?

A game desk should be spacious enough to place all your equipment comfortably with minimal clutter. Look for size above 55 inches with greater depth and weight capacity.

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