White Gaming Keyboard 2019 (a Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide)

Written by Suhail Ajmal | Published on January 01, 2019

If you are a game lover then would rely on blink reflexes and split-second decision making. Many a time, milliseconds diversity can decide who comes out on top.

Reasonably, a responsive keyboard is crucial for a serious gamer.

However, it is tough to find out white gaming keyboard. No worries, there is a comprehensive list of best white gaming keyboard reviews.

Each of the white keyboards below has been widely reviewed and examined to assure that you may have the best practice for pc gaming.

White Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

It might be a challenge to find a keyboard and mouse that work well with each other. A set of gaming keyboard and mouse will not only save money as denied to buying them individually and must assure they match. There are a few sets of white gaming mouse that look incredible and function well. For further detail and more options, you can visit on Amazon.

Top 10 White Color Keyboards

We are sure that our game keyboard reviews will help you make a wise decision.

1. ROSEWILL Neon K51

ROSEWILL has come up with a great new full-sized, 104 keys white gaming keyboard named the Neon K51. With a solid build, it has a plastic base on which the keys are mounted, covered by a plastic shell. Regardless of this, it has a sturdy feel and does not jostle around on your desk due to traction-increasing rubber feet underneath. The 104 keys are mechanical feeling and removable, which allows for easier cleaning. Moreover, it has 19 anti-ghosting keys to provide you with a seamless gaming experience.
The Neon K51 offers eight different LED backlight effects. These include breathing, pulsing, ripple, static, and dancing rainbow. You can turn off these effects according to your preference. The keyboard is also driver-free, meaning that you only have to plug it into your computer or gaming device to start playing immediately.

3. EagleTec KG011-R

The EagleTec KG011-R is an exceptional choice for those who are looking for a mechanical keyboard. It has 104 keys with blue switches which gives a fun gaming experience for a long time to come.

Due to anti-ghosting on board, you face conflict free gaming experience without delays. Over-and-above, this white RGB keyboard is illuminated with five different modes and five different brightness levels of viewers choices.

5. Qisan MagicForce 68

The Qisan MagicForce 68 keyboard is a compact 60% keyboard, meaning that it takes up lesser desk space and fits in compact spaces with ease. With a minimalistic, ergonomic design, the white mechanical keyboard has 68 keys in a floating key style, which sit upon a matte aluminium mount plate. This design makes cleaning the keyboard simple and convenient. Each key switch is based on a Cherry Brown clone stabilizer, which makes it easy to remove and replace keys. The MagicForce 68 keyboard stands on 4 flat rubber pads and 2 rubber tipped retractable feet, which increase traction regardless of the small size and light weight (582g to be exact). On the back, there are 3 DIP switches as well to allow gamers to swap certain keys according to their requirement. Although, the keyboard does not have LED backlight. It is a great option for gamers on a budget.

7. Tesoro Gram TS-G11SFL

The Tesoro Gram TS-G11SFL is trustworthy for any PC gamer. Its low red switches and shorter travel distance means that specific keystrokes can be made at lightning fast speed. This keyboard provides vast customization choices that each key programmed individually according to user need.

Due to 16.8 million RGB colors to choose that user wouldn’t run out of options anytime soon. Briefly, it provides good build quality with 512 kb onboard memory and 32 bit ARM cortex processor for excellent performance.

8. LexonElec Ajazz AK33

The Ajazz AK33 is an 82 key-keyboard, putting it in the compact 75% size range. The ergonomic design of this white keyboard saves your hands from fatigue or wrist stress during long gaming sessions. Each key is based on Blue Switch, which allows for fast response during intense gaming sessions. This quality makes it popular with gamers, writers, and programmers. The keys, made from ABS plastic, have laser carvings on them allowing the backlight from under the switches to shine through. The keys sit on an aluminum mount plate. The Ajazz AK33 connects to your computer with a USB cable and comes with up to 20 backlight options to deliver an aesthetically pleasing look to your gaming room. With all these qualities, it costs $$, which makes it a great deal for any gamer seeking a good quality keyboard.


WSQIWNI G20 is an affordable white keyboard for budget gamers. The ergonomic design with 104 suspension style curved keys has a rainbow backlight that makes it easy for you to play games even in the dark. The waterproof and dustproof keyboard is easy to clean. It also has a mechanical feel, which means this keyboard is not a good mechanical game keyboard but supplies the same clear tones and comfortable feel as a mechanical keyboard does.

The G20 white gaming keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac.

10. E-3LUE 104 Keys

The E-3LUE is no doubt a bad shout among various available choices. This board is well crafted and is made with top grade ABS and complemented by a matte finish texture.

It has as usual 104 keys anti-ghosting keys which cater to the edge in gaming sessions. Besides this, the blue switches help in building a vast experience with the audible sounds. It has ten different backlight arrangements (with controllable brightness) for further augmented.

Buying Guide Tips

When you are going to shop the best gaming keyboard, then few factors must consider.

Key Switches

There are two main categories of key-types built into gaming keyboards with mechanical switches and rubber-dome key switches. The rubber-dome keys feel soft when pushed down and some people like that. Most gamers advise mechanical keyboard as the gold standard.

To read more about mechanical keyboard must check out the significant keyboard guide. It has preferred audio and tactile feedback provide users an edge.

Each key in a mechanical keyboard makes a pair with its spring-loaded switches. It applies to both mechanical black and white keyboard.


Features play a significant role on a keyboard. Some mechanical keyboard specialties provide a competitive service over adversaries and can deliver a powerful functionality while operating. It’s mean you may be the gamer who prefer the no-frills, minimalist layout that offers peripheral producers.

Backlighting, extra programmable keys, swappable keycaps, statistic tracking, separate lighting zone, and touch screen are the chief feature consolidated into preferred gaming keyboard.


When you are shopping a keyboard, then the aesthetic is another thing take into consideration. Some users want the keyboard that performs well and should be responsive.

Some others require a keyboard that appears good with their gaming set-up.

Most gamers desire a white gaming keyboard and mouse which matches with their brand and has the flashy backlighting options.

There is a class of styles out there from the industrial design of Logitech keyboards to the sleek look of Razer keyboards.

Positively, it comes down to individual preference and also ‘looks cool’ is a matter of subjective opinion.


If you are spending a great deal of time on computers for school, entertainment, and day to day task then ergonomic is a factor that you should consider seriously. None aspires a drawn out a struggle with a carpal shaft that ends up arranging them sidelined for a few weeks.

How We Test?

Mechanical board’s testing is unlike other products we review. Any objective test that can run on the keyboard is not just a keyboard test it’s about the switches.

There is scad of mechanical gaming keyboards in the market, but there are only a few labels and models of switches. Like graphics card switch makers are not consistently generating refreshed switch technology.

Fact is this the switch technology approximately latent. Although we have acquired a mode for testing mechanical keyboard switches, which you can review in detail here.

Features and Specifications

There are a few objective tests that can logically perform on a keyboard. There are several objective factors to ponder what keyboard you need to contribute your hard-earned money.

There are fundamental features including make, model, switch sample, any additional ports, key rollover, polling rate, OS requirements, weight, dimensions, the material used in making keycaps, the type of cable used, and a microcontroller on keyboards.

You must examine the software and lighting at a keyboard.

Testing Key Rollover

There is a general concept about the manufactures of the keyboard which make concerns key rollover. Some keyboards challenge 6-10 or N-key rollover which commonly write as 6KRO, 10KRO, and NKRO.

The primary tools used for checking are Aqua key test and switch Hitter which is simple and shows handy little application when both keys are depressed and registering with PC.

Measuring Noise

Some users try to regulate the decibel level as different types of switches mounted on keyboards with a different pattern and stuff which make various levels and kind of noise.

There is no point to check decibel level by hands because every person will strike the keys with distinct levels of force. The audible practice is essential, and quality of sound is more important than loudness.

As red switches are different from blue switches due to its mechanism which has distinct sound features. Reds are linear and have a single clack sound, but blues have an extra click during traveling which makes certain types of sounds.

Besides this, the design of the keyboard puts effect the sounds on switch making. A metal top plate keyboard and switches positioned directly on top will have varying sound qualities than plastic backplate.

Final Analysis

There are two types of opinions expert opinion and subject opinion. Keyboard reviewers spend maximum one week using it throughout the workday for regular use and also for gaming. Reviewers in all cases carefully track their observation and also examine any issue that may arise.

Subjective opinion is also worth noting as its a personal judgment.

There is a difference between both opinion, as subjective opinion is informative and an expert opinion based on a given reviewer’s potency. A view may support in color scheme and even frame a review, but of course, it’s just opinion.

However, there has developed a way of objectively test switches.

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