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Home » Fun Games » is a fantastic strategy based .io game that practically tests your prehensile capabilities and sharp acumen. One of the original .io titles, this online free game has a maze based gameplay where you need to collaborate with the rest of the players to move up levels. So, are you up for some teamwork and strategic maneuvers? If you’re looking for witty play, then this is definitely the game for you.

Features offers a smart yet indulging gameplay requiring you to concoct productive strategies to move through the difficult maze and work the way up more challenging levels to bag a win. But in order to do that, you have to build teams with the rest of the lot to easily find your way, otherwise, you’d be stuck somewhere in the impossible maze mesh. Follow the path of the other players in your team and do what they do, avoiding what they don’t do and that is sure to get you to higher levels till the end. It features a cool gameplay that has you doing some heady thought work to grab a win.

How To Play

To play the simple and fun game, use the mouse to move your character and follow in the wake of other player’s action. You can also use the WASD or arrow keys to work your way through the gritty maze.


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