Earn to Die 2

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Earn to Die 2


It is a sequel of Earn To Die. The city is invaded by zombies and you have a car that needs some serious overhaul to get to an evacuation point. While driving, you have to run over zombies and destroy hurdles in your way before the gas runs out.


You can mute the sound from the main menu. Share this game on Facebook and Twitter to earn more points. There is a gas meter on the top left side of the screen that shows the amount of gas in the car. Zombies and hurdles only slow down your speed. The game is reset after the car stops due to low gas level.

Your score is incremented every time you run over a zombie. With more points, you can upgrade your car, buy accessories, and more fuel from the garage.

How To Play

It is a two dimensional game with very simple controls. You can control the vehicle by the arrow keys. The ‘Right’ arrow key is for forward movement. The ‘Down’ key is for backward movement. The ‘Up’ key is used to make a jump while driving. Run over as many zombies as you can to earn maximum points.