Fly or Die

Fly or Die has been played 3,272 times and received a rating of 3.68 / 5 (74%) from 28 votes.

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Game rating: 3.68 based on 28 votes.

Home » Fun Games » Fly or Die entails an engaging evolve & eat gameplay just like other popular titles. The gameplay has been designed along the lines of the typical ‘grow and consume’ plots found in most of the .io genre games that have made gaming enthusiasts craving for more playing. The customizable features, stunning visual graphics, and exciting new challenges will keep you glued to the screen for a long time. So, are you ready to fly around and eat as much as you can to dominate?


The game comes packed with a horde of impressive features including an addictive game plot, customizable characters, rewards & bonuses, cute creatures, and challenging levels. It requires you to eat other creatures in order to evolve as you move through each level taking on fierce opponents and ensuring you stay safe from other animals that are eyeing the top spot on the global leaderboard.

How to Play Fly or Die? requires you to eat the rest of the opponents to grow big, gain access to other levels, and unlock exciting rewards. In order to play this game, customize your character by choosing the options available in the menu. Proceed to the arcade and start eating other creatures to grow in size. Make sure you consume creatures with the green border only and avoid the red ones. You’ll need water to keep yourself energized, so drink plenty of that as you make your way up the leaderboard. Eat enough food to keep your health-bar status full and hide behind bushes and clouds to thwart the attacks of other creatures.


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