Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem has been played 4,067 times and received a rating of 4.25 / 5 (85%) from 8 votes.

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Game rating: 4.25 based on 8 votes.

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This platform shooter game takes you to different worlds, where you have to face various enemies and defeat them before they kill you. Move quickly and swiftly to kill your opponent without losing all of your lives. You only have 7 lives in each level, so make them count.


Gun Mayhem features a campaign mode (it includes 10 levels) and a custom mode (which allows 4 players to participate). In campaign mode, you will undertake several challenges and unlock new worlds. Each world gets progressively harder, until you reach the boss levels. You can customize your character’s face, shirt, gun, and perks (the gun and the perks will be beneficial in combats).

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to control your character’s movements. Click ‘[‘ to shoot and ‘]’ to throw dynamite. Shoot your opponent until they fall off the platform and lose their life. However, if your opponent makes you fall down enough times to waste your all lives, you will lose the level and have to start again. Collect special items (like jetpacks and shields) for unique advantages and grab crates for guns with better qualities.


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