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As the name implies, is a multiplayer game about killing your opponents in the battlefield. Are you the best shooter or want to be one? This game is a perfect pick for your choice. It’s a low-graphic clone of other famous games such as counter strike. The game offers various modes to play. A player either choose Fast Play Mode or may want to join a server by clicking Join Game button displayed on the home screen, that’s pretty much like the CS.

You also have the option of creating your own server. Just click New Game button on the main screen. This takes you to another screen where you enter the name of the room, select one of the five maps available, make it either a private room or keep it open to public and that’s it! Just click create button and you are all set to shoot some of the enemies down.

As many as 10 players can join a server. Once the game starts, the players have to choose either the terrorist team or the counter-terrorist team. Each team has to offer four different characters to choose from. Each map lasts not longer than three minutes.

The scoreboard can be accessed by clicking the leadership button on the home screen. It displays top 100 achievers of the past week, past month and of all time. Alternatively, top 5 shooters of the week and month are also displayed on the top right of your home screen. A pretty amazing music plays in the background. However, if you wish to mute then you can do so by clicking the speaker shown on the top left of your home screen.


Use left and right arrow keys to navigate around. Press up key to stand and down key to stay low. Right click to zoom and left click to take a shot.


Tiny Robbins

Music by:

Grin Danilove


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