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Game rating: 3.82 based on 11 votes.

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Oceanar.io is a highly challenging and extremely addictive free online game from .io game franchise that entails an exciting fish-swims-and-eats gameplay. Your goal is to eat anything smaller than you to grow as large as you can, so that you can feast on the larger, meaner aquatic objects around.


Oceanar.io features the queen fish that is to be controlled by you while it swims around devouring little fish and objects like plankton in the way, growing in size with each bite and generating a soldier fish in the process. Build Up your own aquatic empire where the queen fish rules and controls the vast deep ocean terrain. You will need to create an army of fish to help you rule the kingdom, so eat other fish to spawn a soldier-fish that follows you across the mighty waters serving as your support system. You also have the option of eating grey crabs around so they could end up being a part of your flank.

How To Play

To play Oceanar.io, use the mouse to control the movement of your queen fish while your soldier-fish will follow the queen. Additionally, use the left mouse and the W key to initiate an attack and the right mouse and space bar to blend the soldier-fish into larger fish.


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