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Paper io is a cool free online game requiring the player to annex territories and lands across the game world in order to win. A brilliant and engaging gameplay that tests the gamer’s strategic planning abilities and quick wits! You need to stay vigilant during this awesome game and make some quick yet smart decisions to take over the land. The more land you have, the bigger is your score and the higher are your chances of winning this brilliant title. The game is offered in single player mode and can easily be played in a web browser.


Paper io is an engaging game providing the player with an opportunity to think smart and heady so that they become the owner of the largest territory ever. It looks like a simple game but requires careful deliberation and witty thought work to devise a proper action plan and strategy. It includes a slew of exciting levels as you move on conquering different spaces and areas, taking on opponents that are on the same mission. You need to be careful of your tail because it is your weak attribute. You might lose the game if any other opponent touches your tail, so be alert while you move on to take over bigger landscapes in the game. Also look out for the walls; these can make you lose points, so steer clear of these and stay within your block to make sure it’s safe from external attacks.

How To Play

In order to move your character and control your block, use the Arrow keys on your keyboard or ‘WASD’ keys.


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