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Game rating: 3.88 based on 8 votes.

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Pie.ai is all about eating pie - as much as you can! Like other popular games which require users to munch on delicious delicacies to grab the top slot on the global leaderboards, this has all the pie you can eat, so hurry up and start playing. The backdrop of this game includes a 3D game environment with vibrant graphics and cool characters which make the gaming experience more fun and entertaining. Eat some pie, grow big, and fight others to claim the winning slot in this amazing game.


The title includes a wide range of interesting features like customizable characters, a 3D based block grid, exciting levels, rewards, boosters like jetpacks and shields, hammers & keys, and fun challenges. The game consists of a colorful 3D block-based grid with vibrant characters around. Your character is also a bright 3D block which you can customize to appear prettier and act swifter.

How To Play Pie.ai?

Pie.ai requires you to eat as much pie as you can to win the game but there are a lot of things you can try to botch your attempt. Make sure you steer clear of things like drones which throw strawberry jam bombs and fierce opponents ready to eat the pie. To take part in this game, choose your nickname and enter the gaming arena. Start munching pies and evade the opponent’s attacks. Make sure you eat pies labeled with a green cross to gain more energy. You can also hide inside the hole in the ground to revitalize yourself for higher battles.


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