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Y8 Slope is an exciting fast-paced game where players have to keep the ball on track. The main goal is to avoid the obstacles and reach the end of the course alive in a 3D isometric world. You have to stay focused and alert to keep up with rapidly changing speed of the ball and complicated obstacle-course. You can start your game anew by clicking the ‘Again’ button once the ball has crashed.


Visually appealing graphics of the game, neon green and black, make up a cubic world where the ball rolls down on a plain surfaced terrain. You can either choose to play as a registered user or as a guest from the menu displayed at the beginning of the game. It is a single player game that requires you to register and specify a nickname if you want your scores to appear on the leaderboard. Red box shaped obstacles are placed along the course. The walls are also red so that you know you have to avoid them.

The course is plain, but it has discontinuities and slants that add to your playing experience. The score is incremented by one every time you successfully get the ball across a hurdle or a discontinuity. The leaderboard appears after you’ve crashed to a ball showing the highest scores. ‘Again’ button allows you to reset the Slope game.

How To Play

Relatively simple to play game, the ball is controlled with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Steer your ball along the course with the arrow keys avoiding the obstacles, walls, etc. Make sure to keep the ball on the track.