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Description: is a fun packed snake-eats-food game similar to popular .io titles like and that are highly regarded by gaming enthusiasts. The game takes much of the gameplay dynamics from these titles offering hours of entertaining play to the gamers. Just like the character in requires your help to grow and move up more challenging levels, the snake in this quirky game wants you to help him survive and grow big in order to win.

Features is a great free online game where you need to make your snake eat food scattered through the arcade to make it grow large in size so that it can survive and take on the menacing opponents that are waiting to attack and consume it. Spit some venom at the smaller snakes and eat the food they drop as a result but be careful of your tail as that is your weak point. Do not touch it, otherwise, you’ll lose the game. Use a bomb to take down the fiercer, stronger and larger opponents and eat more food to grow your snake as large as possible.

How To Play

In order to play, use the AD or arrow keys to move your snake through the exploratory arcade and click to eat an item or resource to make it grow big. Use the W key to spit venom at tiny snakes and the S key to plant a bomb for the bigger snakes.