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Description: is a free online game featuring a funny multiplayer shooting gameplay offering loads of fun and merriment. The pixel shooter, action packed quests, an intense battlefield and cool characters all add to the charm of this super exciting game. With two single player modes titled Free For All, FFA & Sniper War and various multiplayer modes like Vertix Online amongst others, this .io game is sure to tickle your fancy.

Features is an interesting game with the sole purpose of fighting enemies to become the last player standing. It’s all about slaying those opponents that are eyeing the winning title. Choose a character, enter the intense battle arena, and begin shooting to kill. But, be careful not to be too distracted as that will make other players gain an edge over you and you certainly don’t want that. If you’re playing the FFA mode, the players must kill each other so take down as many opponents as you can to score big. The other solo mode, Sniper War, is even more exciting where players are automatically assigned the Hunter class. The first player to snag 1000 points in this mode gets to win. You score 100 points for every kill, provided the kill results in a full 50 damage.

How To Play

To play, use the WASD or arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character. Press Spacebar to jump and ‘R’ key to reload a weapon and take down your opponents. Use the mouse to shoot or hit, Q & E keys to scroll or select options and the F key to Spray.