Top 9 Games Like Banished

Developed by Shining Rocks, the city building video game in a medieval-inspired era was released in 2014. You as a player assign citizens various jobs like building various structures such as houses, hospitals, farms and schools. In order to fulfill these tasks, the citizens should be kept happy, healthy and well-fed. There can be difficult situations along the way such as hard weather conditions and aging population. The circumstances can be controlled by careful strategic planning while maintaining a balance between the resources to keep the citizens happy and the towns in a developing state. The game is all about utilizing the limited amount of resources available to make improvements while keeping the citizens happy. If you are in love with real-time strategic planning, then you will love our compilation of the top 9 games like Banished.

Anno 1404, Dawn of Discovery

The Dawn of Discovery has made to our list of games for a number of reasons. Published by Ubisoft, developed by Related Designs and produced by Blue Byte, the city building game was released in 2009 and matches to games like Banished. You explore new lands in the game and plan the entire structure of the cities. You set up factories, houses and farms to fulfill the needs of the citizens and achieve different milestones by fulfilling quests to help them move forward in the game exactly like those in Banished.

Availability: Steam


Tropico is another city building game that has made to our list of the top 9 Banished like-games. Developed by Haemimont Games, it was released in January 2014 for Mac and Windows platforms (the later games in the series were produced for other platforms too). The game is carefully set out to give the player a unique and real-life experience of a ruling President. It has a political scenario to it as well, however, it is comparable to Banished as the major duties include building industries and handling resources to ensure a smooth running of the empire. Tropico franchise has 5 more games in the series with the latest one ‘Tropico 6’ released on Steam recently.

Availability: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox One


Simcity is probably one of the most popular city-building games of today. First released in 1989, it requires you to build your own city from scratch and keep the citizens happy at the same time. The game involves strategic thinking and careful management of resources which is why it is one of the best games like Banished. The game’s compatibility with a variety of operating systems makes it extremely easy to download and play.

Availability: Windows, Play Station, Mac OS, Linux

Grand Ages: Medieval

The next game on our list of Banished-like games is Grand Ages: Medieval. Developed in 2015 by Gaming Mind Studios, it takes you back to 1050 AD, Europe, where you can establish your empire on a land up to 30 million square kilometers. As a player, you become the mayor of the city and need to develop and maintain your land, keep the citizens happy and protect your land from intruders.

Availability: Windows, Mac, Play Station 4

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

One of the best Banished like-games, it involves the same city building packing with fun and strategy-making quests. Developed by Blue Byte, The Settlers 7 was released in 2010. You are given four options in the beginning to choose the kind of game you want to play. You are initially provided with a small village which you have to develop by using different resources. It requires good planning and organizing skills making it one of the best strategy-planning games-like Banished.

Availability: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Steam

From Dust

An addition to our list of top Banished like games is From Dust. First developed in 2011 by Ubisoft Montoellier and designed by Eric Chahi, the game is a wonderful combination of adventure coupled with city building strategies which can be highly addictive similar to other games like Banished.

Availability: Microsoft Windows, PS3, Xbox 360

Prison Architect

This interactive game was developed and published by Introversion Software. If you are bored with the regular city building games like Banished but still like construction, then Prison Architect is a must-have. It  requires you to construct and manage a full fledge prison, undergoing different challenges on the way.

Availability: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PS4

Immortal Cities: Children of Nile

Developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment and released in 2014 in the US, Immortal Cities is a great game to include in our list of top games like Banished. It offers a city building adventure in a medieval-inspired setting where you assume the role of Pharoah and guide the citizens of the empire and keep them happy. The theme makes it quite similar to Banished.

Availability: PC, Steam

Caesar III

The next one on our list is just as exciting and is similar to other Banished like games. The game developed by Impressions Games was first released in 1998. The player assumes the role of the provincial governor of Rome and carries the duties accordingly.

Availability: PC, Mac