curve fever

Curve Fever

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Curve Fever is an addictive freeware, multiplayer title that offers 2-player to 8-player modes for gaming buffs with an exciting gameplay featuring lines and walls that slay your enemies. Kill your foes by leaving a trail or making them bang into a wall to score big and win this amazing free online game. The gameplay is almost similar to the Cervi or Worms from 1993, with the difference lying in the addition of holes as a part of the lines.


Curve Fever has been crafted along the lines of Tron with the player leaving a trail to entrap the opponents. Alternatively, you can also lure them into hitting a wall in order to snag a win. You have an option to turn and move in any direction as opposed to the four cardinal points that were a highlight of earlier games like Tron. Each player lays or spawns as a dot at a random spot on the gritty playing field and has the option to turn left or right drawing a solid line, the color of the player, in the direction of the movement. With the playing field being blocked off by lines with time, the game gets even more challenging.

How To Play

In order to play Curve Fever, use the mouse to control the lines in the game and click to turn left or right so that you can set a trail for your opponents.