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Treasure Arena is an adventure packed multiplayer game which moves around pirates, ships, and treasure. The exciting gameplay involves players battling in an intense arena with a goal of collecting coins and looting weapons. As the name suggests, the game is all about treasure hunt which is adventurous, thrilling, and extremely entertaining. You will enjoy playing with the rest of the skilled players in the gaming world locked up in an action-borne 4-player battle. So, are you ready for some treasure hunt?


The game features special weapons including bows, rockets, bombs, and damage-inflicting ammunition, various powerups, exciting new levels, and a spacious battling arena loaded with treasure all ready to be unraveled. The title also boasts a rocking soundtrack which adds to the game’s appeal along with an immersive gameplay and a colossal amount of treasure coins to collect. The player with the maximum amount of coins gets to claim the winner’s title.

How To Play Treasure Arena?

In order to play, you need to choose your character, customize it according to the options available in the user menu and then enter the game world. Your aim is to gather as much treasure as you can while knocking off the opponents using rockets, guns, bows, and other weapons. Be proactive and attack your enemy before it gets a chance to pounce on you. Collect weapons, pick up the dropped items by others, and gather coins as you move up to the top of the global leaderboard.


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