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Home » Shooting Games » is all about spaceship battles. This cool multiplayer title includes an action-packed space battle arena where you need to fight other spaceships and objects to emerge the winner. This entertaining space-based shooter game will have you glued to your screen owing to its engaging game plot and vibrant graphics. Special weapons, boosters, a loaded spacecraft and fierce opponents, it has all elements to offer you a brilliant gaming experience.


The game entails a space-based backdrop where you battle others with a circular spaceship loaded with guns and a shield generator, so you can slay your opponents. The title has been designed to include various features like zero gravity effects, physics-based gameplay, special weapons, upgrades like speed boosters, and exciting new challenges at each level. With its impressive range of gaming elements, this title will have you pining for more gaming.

How to play

In order to play, customize your spaceship and enter the battling arena ready to challenge the rest of the players in an intense battle play. Take control of your spaceship and use the weapons available to shoot at the enemy and the shield to evade their attacks. Be careful of the asteroids that come in the way as you navigate forward. Do not shoot at them because they will not get you additional points, so just steer clear of them. Unlock new rewards and upgrades like speed boosters as you move up the levels to claim the top spot and dominate the space world.


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