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The browser-based is an action-packed thrilling adventure. It requires you to use your cognitive skills to create strategies for building your community and defend yourself against the opponent tribes. Thanks to its engaging gameplay, the title has been gaining traction amongst gamers and got praises for its stunning visual effects, gaming features, and interesting game plot.

Features includes a wide range of features including the loot and gear customization system, exciting new levels, special weapons, cool characters, engaging combats, and loads of rewards waiting to be collected. When you win a combat, you get points and various special weapons which you can use to fight the tribes and the rest of the opponents. The game requires you to make a coalition with one of the tribes and fight the rest in order to win.

How To Play

To play this game, customize your character and then join any of the three elemental tribes; Water, Fire, or Plants. Form an alliance and help your tribe take on the rest of the opponents. Your aim is to interact well with your team and devise strategies to take down others in the game environment. You can use the outer edge’s forest to hide from your foes and use the spell to keep yourself safe from the enemies.