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Description: is a splendid free online game including a survival based battle-play mode, as depicted by the name itself. The exciting game requires you to locate food in order to stay safe and avoid starvation. The multiplayer game is built to provide endless fun and unlimited elation for those who enjoy intense battle play. It’s awesome to search for various resources and creating objects needed to steer clear of starving to death.

Features requires you to search for necessary resources and constructing different aids to help you move up the levels. Starting with low health and a horde of threatening players in a dangerous game world, you must stay vigilant and keep a check on the levels of the four status bars called health, hunger level, temperature, and water in order to continue. The temperature bar drops fast, so you need to warm up with fire in order to avoid freezing. However, you have to learn to make your own fire because other players will kill you if they find you’ve been stealing theirs. Have fun playing this addictive and exciting game!

How To Play

To play, use the WASD or Arrows keys on your keyboard to move the character and the number keys to select an item. Use left click to interact and choose different levels and upgrades in the game.